Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Domestic Violence: One Woman’s Nightmare by Susan R. Murphy

Domestic Violence: One Woman's Nightmare by Susan R. Murphy
Domestic Violence: One Woman's Nightmare by Susan R. Murphy describes, not just the personal experience of spousal abuse and marital breakdown but also, what to do about it. Candidly written, the author reflects upon a traumatic issue in a manner that is self-affirming and positive. In her case, strength came from within but also from the networks and organisations that exist to support sufferers of domestic violence. It gave her the endurance, not just to survive but to rebuild her life.
"Let me start by telling you that, like many women, I never thought it would happen to me but, unlike so many women out there, I decided to do something about it."
Confronted by the reality that she was in an abusive relationship, she describes how came to the decision to leave her family home, with the accompanying heartbreak of having to leave her eldest child behind. Initially, she did not know what help, if any, was available.

She entered a battered women's shelter and commenced a 30-day program that would see her get her life back on track. When she left the shelter, upon completion of the program, it was with a mixture of pride and sadness that she was able to observe:
"Out of all the women in the shelter, myself and one other woman were the only ones who left and started new lives. The rest of the women all went back to their abusive partners."
It is not often that a personal account dealing with these kind of issues manages to strike such a life-affirming tone but Susan achieves this, and quite admirably too because. Central to her story is the assertion that nobody asks for victimhood. Dark events that happen in our lives need not cast a shadow over the rest of our lives.

This book will be of interest to anyone who has experienced domestic violence or knows someone who may be going through the experience. It is on sale now, in print and e-book editions with sample chapters available so that you can browse before you buy.

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