You have reached the Museum of Violence. Tread carefully all ye who enter here.

This is a website that explores the serious issue of violence, in all of its incarnations and forms, from a range of perspectives that include legal, moral, historical, cultural and indeed, what many would consider, the lack of any these ingredients.

We examine and hold up for scrutiny depictions of violence in art, culture, society and nature, across place and time. We examine attitudes towards violence, its effect on victims, the motives of perpetrators and the various possible root causes of violence, as something rooted in society or something more primeval.

We understand that the subject matter that we are dealing with is invariably an emotive one. It is also one which some may find disturbing. At the same time, we regard the issue of violence itself to be a possible expression of a lack of emotional development in certain people, or groups of people.

If you are such a person of sensitive disposition, you might be well advised to turn away now - explore no further.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in conquering your fears and are prepared to look at the world without preconceived ideas and prejudices, feel free to join us on this journey of discovery. Understand however, that you do so of your own free will. We cannot and do not compel you. Nor do we accept responsibility for the consequences of that discovery and what it may bring.

Finally, we would like to state clearly, if we have not already done so, that this website does not promote or condone violence. Our approach to the subject is based on the premise that even if violence and violent tendencies are innate to the human condition, these manifestations must also be overcome and can only be overcome by all of us working together. We agree with those who uphold the view that violence is both anachronistic and debased. We aspire to a world in which such aberrations may be confined to the museum of history.

This website is dedicated to the victims of violence, past, present and future - whoever they were, are or may be.

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